The 2018 HR. I.Q. Quiz: 7 Questions to Test Your HR Law Smarts

Legal Thought

You are part lawyer … part psychologist … part referee … part private eye.

The job of an HR professional has grown more complex in the past few years as your legal compliance responsibilities have grown.

How well do you know employment law? Today’s LEAP Letter tests your knowledge with our annual employment law quiz. (You’ll find the answers at the end.)

And because “compliance with confidence” is your ultimate HR goal, come learn from 25 of the top employment lawyers in the country at next month’s Labor and Employment Law Advanced Practices (LEAP) Symposium. It’s your annual dose of employment law immersion, served with a side of humor and fun.

  1. NEW ENFORCEMENT   A federal agency has announced that in 2018 it plans to increase by “four to five times” its number of:

a. Wage-and-hour violation violations
b. I-9 and immigration audits/raids
c. Visa application audits

Note: The Trump administration wants to use employers as a “virtual wall” against undocumented workers. Learn how HR must respond at LEAP’s Immigration & HR session and our special three-hour, pre-LEAP workshop, The I-9/E-Verify Summit.

  1. PEFORMANCE REVIEWS   What frequency of performance reviews do HR professionals say provide the most accurate appraisal of an employee’s performance?

a. Annually
b. Semiannual
c. Quarterly or more often

Note: At our new LEAP panel on Performance Reviews, discover the future of reviews, the best practices and the legal pitfalls you need to avoid.

  1. EMPLOYEE LEAVE   HR professionals are well versed in Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). But what percentage of U.S. workers say they have never heard of the law?

a. 19%
b. 51%
c. 34%

Note: Employee leave is one of the most vexing (and legally dangerous) issues you face. Get answers to all of your specific leave-related questions at LEAP 2018.

  1. MARIJUANA   The percentage of positive employee drug tests hit a 12-year high last year. What percentage of urine drug tests in U.S. workplaces were found positive for drugs?

a. 2.4%
b. 4.2%
c. 3.3%

Note: As more states legalize marijuana, HR decisions become much hazier. Learn the best practices for your policies, testing, safety and privacy rules at LEAP’s new Marijuana & Prescription Drug Issues in the Workplace breakout session.

  1. POLITICAL DEBATES   More than half of U.S. workers (54%) say they’ve discussed politics at work, and four in 10 say it’s caused at least one negative outcome in their jobs, says an American Psychological Association study. Which gender is more likely to engage in political debates with co-workers?

a. Men
b. Women

Note: The divisive political culture is forcing HR to make risky decisions about what it allows employees to say – and when. Make sure everyone’s rights are preserved at our special LEAP presentation: HR & The First Amendment: Free Speech and Political Speech at Work.

  1. HIRING   Amazon and Wells Fargo this year are just the latest companies to stop asking job candidates about their:

a. Salary demands
b. Salary histories
c. Educational backgrounds

Note: Wage-and-hour and payroll issues are more complex than ever. Stay in compliance and out of trouble with advice from …a

  1. #MeToo & HR   What percentage of sexual misconduct at the workplace gets reported to HR, according to a new Challenger, Gray & Christmas study?

a. 26%
b. 36%
c. 46%

Note: Is your workplace vulnerable to a bombshell #MeToo complaint? How would you (and your policies) hold up? Discover the changes needed to stay in compliance at LEAP’s HR in a #MeToo World session.

How did you score? Don’t worry if you didn’t ace the quiz. Employment law is changing rapidly these days. But you can quickly get in compliance with the expert advice you’ll find at LEAP 2018. Plus, you’ll have a fabulous time with your peers at the legendary Caesars Palace.


1. b
2. c
3. c
4. b
5. a
6. b
7. a